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Second one down, two more to go!

So had my advanced neurophysiological methods exam toady! The questions were pretty tough, but I attempted the two on the topics I’d studied. This means I had to write about how imaging studies have helped with our understanding of TMS on neural activity, luckily I read Allen et al. (2007) before heading off! And then the second question I chose was why is it possible to use MEG to localise neural activity better than EEG.. that was a toughy, more physicsy than I am comfortable with, but I tried to cover all possibilities and showed ‘wider reading’.
So now I’m sat in my room trying to get motivated to look over statistics, that’s the next one and is 2hr 15min on Friday. I’m sure I won’t need that whole time, but oh well.
Note to self for my next exam though, go to the bathroom before it begins on if you only think you need it a little bit, by the end of TWO hours you WILL be desperate! 😦
Bye ya’ll x

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