About this sciencey blog

Hello there outside world, or inside as you most probably are as you read this!

A little jot about the purpose of this blog and it’s origin. I have set it up in an attempt to spread the wonders of good science and findings that should make you go ‘woah’ or at least give you brain ache to think about. Having a degree in Psychology and an MSc in Human Neuroscience, I find that I learn about things that give me brain ache almost daily, and it would be nice to share these with people. I also have had motivation to start this from the wonderful Dr. Ben Goldacre of Bad Science fame. He reckons blogs by recent graduates and undergraduates about ‘old news’, that is to say the stuff we learn about in our 3 years that make us go ‘sorry, what?! that is amazing!’, should be just as important as the new new’s that is usually the focus of a blog. Yes, many of today’s well known scientists will know about these findings from rather classical studies, but these things may not be known by general members of the public. It’s about time the layman’s understanding of psychology moved beyond blinking Pavlov and Freud and we started to spread the true amazing information, and NO I do not mean rubbishy stories about brain scans being able to read minds! I mean real evidence presented in a realistic framework of what is possible now, not what might be possible in the future etc.

Hope everyone enjoys this, it’s highly experimental but worth a go. Thanks again to Ben Goldacre, not wanting to come across all American or anything but a brief real life meeting with this brilliant man has been truly inspirational.

As the years have gone by since that first introduction to this blog was written, life as it does has moved on for me. I still intend to write here about things that give me brain ache, but also use this blog as a way of spreading new information and ideas about a condition from which I suffer and which has only just started gaining the scientific recognition and study. It’s a thing called ‘misophonia’, which I must say is a far more catchy name for it than we always referred to it in my adolescence when it began, back then we had no name for it so it was called either: Olanas’ Crazy, or Olanas’ “Eating Diz-order” both equally sympathetic to my pain and anxiety!

I hope this blog remains of interest to people and helps those studying and those with generic interests in psychology and neuroscience more generally.

5 responses to “About this sciencey blog

  1. Couldn’t agree more – about the old-news-as-important-as-new-news stuff i mean. Best of luck with your blog!

    • Thanks for the comment Matt, when I’m less hectic with the MSc stuff I’ll endeavour to read some of your blog posts (though they may go over my head a bit!) I’ve not had much time to do any posts on here recently and still need to proof read through a few i’ve published! But will be working on something soon with any luck. Might do a piece for the Psychologist magazine who run a competition for new writers each issue, and see if I can get something in that about my dog having crazy unilateral neglect symptoms. Watched a cool documentary on Oliver Sacks the other day which is making me want to write about a few case studies too. Watch this space I guess.. hehe.

      • Dog with neglect, huh? Interesting…

        I’d be very interested in your feedback on the blog if you get a chance to look at it. It’s all a bit rough around the edges, but you’re the kind of audience I was hoping to connect with – advanced-undergrad or beginning-postgrad, so I hope too much of it isn’t over your head!!

  2. One other thing – I’ve added a link to your blog on my blob-list… if you were feeling generous you could do the same thing…? M. x

  3. Rita Scholl

    I have suffered from “misophonia” all my life. It has only recently been given a name. It has been very frustrating trying to explain to anyone why I just can’t “get over it (sounds)”.

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