Barley’s forgotten her food again. Hemispatial neglect symptoms in dog continue.

More images of Barley eating, these are from the 6th September, this time she didn’t eat her whole bowl and again ate only from the right hand side.

So the left hemispace neglect symptoms seem to still be present. I’m working on getting a video and mom has said she’ll try to get the vet to maybe get a scan of barley’s brain so will post those if/when they happen.

Have been in touch with a researcher in my dept at Royal Holloway who forwarded the info on to a researcher at UCL’s NIC. He seems very interested in it, and pointed out that Balint induced neglect symptoms in a dog in his early studies on neglect.

Again, anyone with any information that might be useful please get in touch with me. I should get back to writing up my research project, draft is due in next week and I’ve not written a great deal so far.



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5 responses to “Barley’s forgotten her food again. Hemispatial neglect symptoms in dog continue.

  1. No MRI scanner on the isle of wight for animal use, which isn’t much of a surprise. So I guess we’ll never know for sure what areas have been affected by her stroke.

  2. whishaw

    lana – do you won Barley – could you contact me
    like to get permission to use a photo

  3. Andrea

    I was just curious why my dog only ate the right side of this bowl, googled and found your page. Very interesting. This can not be common with dogs. Can’t info any more info

    • Hi Andrea, I spoke with some researchers when this happened to Barley and they were keen to scan her brain to find out more (it was too risky as she was quite old at this point and would have had to have been sedated) but the reason they were interested was because they hadn’t seen anything like it in dogs before (at least nothing that had been documented).
      There was one study I found that reported a case of hemispatial neglect in a dog in a veterinary journal, but I think they had tried to cause it on purpose.
      There are other reasons why a dog might only eat half their bowl, barleys offspring Rag started to do the same thing a year later (unrelated to Barleys condition and Rag lives in a different country) and it was most likely due to him having tooth ache so favoring one side to eat.
      If it has been caused by a stoke the symptoms should start to stop after a few weeks. If you are concerned I’d recommend a quick trip to the vets for a check up. Hopefully it’s nothing to worry about. 🙂

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