Barley Eating – Video

My mom managed to capture the last 30 seconds of Barley eating. I think it’s interesting how she’s trying to completely clear her bowl (in the side that she is already eating from) so one might suggest she is still feeling hungry when she walks away from the bowl, presumably because she ‘thinks’ it is empty!

The saga continues…



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2 responses to “Barley Eating – Video

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  2. Lisa Chase DVM

    I know this blog/video is old and that sadly Barley has passed on. I am sorry for your loss. I find this fascinating and was wondering if I can post a link to your page and video in an essay I am submitting on a course on neurobiology. I am a veterinarian and this is a course on human neurobio, but I wanted to find out if there were examples of hemispatial neglect in animals and your video popped up.

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