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Sookie Stackhouse on the Psychologist’s Couch!

Myths and monster’s stem from aspects of reality, trying to make sense of things that aren’t understood. The most distinctive and iconic of myths is that of the Vampire. A monster who dates back hundreds of years and crops up across continents, popularised by Bram Stocker and embedded into our culture almost as firmly as beliefs in the afterlife. The cross-cultural appearance of Nos Feratu has a lot to do with word of mouth certainly, but the variations in the legend stem from the possibility that these tales of ‘the dead becoming un-dead’ existed in their own right in each place, before they were embellished into a vampire through the sharing of tales. Before post-mortem knowledge had been developed the sight of a body after death would have shocked many. The receded gums, the bloated stomach, and the trickles of blood that came from the mouth would have easily have been misinterpreted. It  is therefore no surprise that tales of the recently departed roaming the night and drinking the blood of others soon developed after these corpses were seen; and thus the Vampire was born.

With the recent surge of popularity in vampires, werewolves and the like I thought it would be fitting to have a little ponder about possible explanations  that might be given if for example if these cases were looked at from a psychological view point. It is not difficult to come up with a couple of Freudian reasons as to why women in particular are fascinated with the myths, particularly the biting part, but what would a psychologist living in the world of Sookie Stackhouse make of Eric Northman the Viking Vampire, if they were unwilling to accept the existence of the mythological creatures in this fiction?

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Small post to update on work/job hunting/general life progress. The interview I had for a research assistant post for UCL didn’t go so great, ended up blathering on about neuroscience when the postition was for a health psychologist but what the hay. Interviews are all good experience as people who have jobs keep telling me.

I’m up to my two brown eyeballs in balancing my part time jobs and life right now, hence the lack of blogging. Plus is so freaking warm right now in my uber insulated cheapo Uni accomodation that I feel like I’m melting if I sit still too long.. Slightly concerned that I STILL haven’t heard from the ethics department about my project being approved, also MORE concerned by the sudden news that my research project supervisor appears to be leaving!! Will know more about this tomorrow and will update y’all. I just want to get started and this is a potentially bad situation, if this puts us at any sort of disadvantage to the others in the group then I’m kicking up a fuss and I don’t care.

I’ve applied for four other jobs and am just waiting to hear/ not hear back about those. The deadlines are coming up for applications so should hear soon if I stand any chance. I almost applied for a PhD the other day but it was at a uni I’d never heard of so decided against it, yes I am an insitution snob so shoot me.I’m not settling for telling people I studied in ‘Oxford’ and neglecting to tell them I mean ‘Brookes’.. ha. You know what I mean though?

So it’s all a bit of a limbo time right now which is a small worry as I’ll need something more concrete soon as  I really don’t want to be homeless in September! More job hunting to be done this evening and tomorrow and then I’ll be posting again.

Want to do a post on something cool, like Blind Sight, or Aphasia. Will work on something soon promise.


p.s Upon reflection ComSci sounds a bit clunky, think it’s better as Scicom- science based comedy, like Romcom. Blergh. Imagine that Kathrine Heigl being all a film. Spew.

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