Joining the Real World- Take One

So I have applied for a grand total of 6 jobs so far, not as many as I should have really. I just felt I should keep score of how those applications and future ones go, and where better to do this than on my science based blog. All the posts have been for ‘research assistant’ or ‘assistant psychologist’ roles. I’m not sure if my MSc will qualify me to do anything beyond this, or even if it has qualified me to do those jobs in the first place! It might have been helpful to have had a tailor made carers talk some time ago but I assume the suggestion would have been to go straight into a PhD, which I definitely don’t want to do right away, well maybe definitely. I guess if something amazing crosses my path during all my google job searching then I might consider applying, but I’d rather work for someone else for a year than do my own project for three.
So on that bright and hopeful note, I’m off to search yet again for anything new that hasn’t got an immediate start date, that doesn’t want a postgraduate PhD student, and is okay with very little research experience.. wish me luck.


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