To PhD or not to PhD?

After the hours of searching on for anything remotely research assistanty, I sometimes feel so deflated that I begin to consider doing a PhD.

It seems that I think whilst running research projects for someone else would be good, would it not just be better to run one for myself? It might also mean I can actually continue to write about this science lark with a bit more credence, and feel less of a fraud.

Also there’s the fact that when I was 7 my mom said she’d buy me a Llama if I became ‘Dr Olana Banana’ so I could be a ‘Llama Farmer’ too!

Keep seeing PhD’s for epilepsy research and thinking ‘yeah, I think I could do that’. I mean what I do know is that I really, really, really don’t want to join the real world, ever if I can help it.

Will keep ‘you’ updated on my progress with this, I am very likely to change my mind.

p.s my Libel piece was published in my Uni paper today, under comment and debate. Hopefully it’ll attract a few more signatures.



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2 responses to “To PhD or not to PhD?

  1. Paul

    I have exactly the same problem! Looked at real world jobs, realised the world sucks, now looking into PhD’s.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks! You too. I applied for a research position yesterday as I’ve not yet seen any phds I like the look of so far. Thinking a years experience running a research project might be good. Yay for science! 🙂

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